February 07, 2017

Blog Post: Chen Si Thwarts Over 300 Suicide Attempts

By Bobby Kushner / December 3, 2016

GUELPH, ONT. – Chen Si has stopped more than 300 individuals from throwing themselves over the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, a widely known suicide site in China.

Since 2004, Si devotes his weekends to patrolling the bridge ready to help anyone in distress.

According to a story by Louisa Lim, Si offers those whom he has saved a place to stay in his two bedroom apartment.

"When I save people, I don’t want to just cheat them into living another day,” Si told Lim.

Louisa Lim’s NPR feature story “Samaritan Patrols Bridge for China’s Lost Souls” tells more about Chen Si’s efforts in helping those in distress.

Read Lim’s NPR feature story about Chen Si by clicking the link below

Chen Si Thwarts Over 300 Suicide Attempts
Photo taken from www.npr.org

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