April 12, 2018

Read This Definite Guide to Resolving Emotional Issues

By Bobby Kushner / April 12, 2018

GUELPH, ONT. – Therapists suggest counseling to those failing to resolve emotional issues. However, a Canadian writer suggests overcoming these issues yourself and using his handbook “Emotional Regulation” to do it.

“Emotional Regulation” teaches tangible skills for those unskilled in detecting their emotional arousal or inexperienced in knowing when to express or regulate their emotions.

The skills taught are useful for resolving stressful life events and high-risk behaviors: separation, anger, indulging in negative relationships, emotional flatness and indiscriminate sexual behavior.

The handbook is based on dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), a behavioral therapy developed by Marsha Linehan in the 1980’s.

Canadian public relations and screen writer, Bobby Kushner wrote the handbook to focus more on the practice of DBT skills through mental visualizations.

For example, it instructs readers to mentally visualize themselves using the DBT skills in specific problem situations then urges them to rehearse daily those mental visualizations until the visualized reactions become instinctive responses in those situations.

“I wanted to stress this point throughout the handbook,” Kushner says. “because DBT skills will be nonexistent during crisis if readers attempt using them when only in crisis.”

Kushner also created the 48-page handbook to be a free therapy alternative to the many counseling programs and DBT guides failing to meet expectations.

Most counseling sessions lack meaningful results, Kushner says. “Most result in open ended discussions about one’s life not in tangible solutions to issues.” 

The majority of DBT guides are misleading interpretations of the original manual by Marsha Linehan, Kushner says. “Take deep breaths. Count to 10 before reacting. Keep yourself busy when down. These cliches are often suggested by counseling programs and DBT guides as primary solutions to problems. What a disservice to those in crisis!”

Currently, the ebook version of “Emotional Regulation” is available free of cost on Bobby Kushner’s website www.bobbykushner.com. 

Bobby Kushner is a public relations and screenplay writer. For five years, he has studied multiple manuals on human relations and clinical psychology.

Kushner also has written a handbook called “Technical Writing” and is an advocate for secondary and post-secondary curricula being self contained.

“Secondary and higher education programs need to be complete in themselves for acquiring skills,” Kushner said. “not just a means for learning skills elsewhere.”

The 34-year-old writer currently lives in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

For more information about “Emotional Regulation”, contact Bobby Kushner

.. Email: kushnerbobby@gmail.com

.. Phone: 905.592.2468


Courtesy of Bobby Kushner

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