April 02, 2018

A Canadian Writer Offers a Free English Writing Manual to Those in Need

By Bobby Kushner / April 2, 2018

GUELPH, ONT. – Students and adult learners won’t need to depend on convoluted writing manuals to learn English composition and grammar concepts. The handbook “Technical Writing” better explains how those concepts work.

“Technical Writing” simplifies the concepts of English composition and grammar.

Explanations are self-contained, so guidance from teachers and other manuals aren't required to understand the content.

Also readers are never at a loss for how writing concepts fit together because the handbook presents composition concepts first and grammar ones last.

Canadian public relations and screen writer, Bobby Kushner wrote the handbook after observing most traditional writing manuals were inappropriate for learning English grammar and composition.

“The majority of writing manuals are inadequate for learning these concepts,” Kushner says. “because most times, they’re actually style guides for usage not instructional manuals for learning those concepts.

“However, many educators recommend these styles guides to students as revered manuals for learning English writing when these guides aren’t for this purpose.”

Currently, the ebook version of “Technical Writing” is available free of cost on Bobby Kushner’s website www.bobbykushner.com

Kushner says, “I wanted this information to be free to those struggling to write clearly and concisely.”

Bobby Kushner is a public relations and screenplay writer. For four years, he has studied multiple manuals on technical writing, journalism and literature.

Kushner also has written a handbook called “Behavioural Therapy” and is an advocate for secondary and post-secondary curricula being self contained.

“Secondary and higher education programs need to be complete in themselves for acquiring skills,” Kushner said. “not just a means for learning skills elsewhere.”

The 35-year-old writer currently lives in Guelph, Ontario, Canada

For more information about the handbook, contact Bobby Kushner

.. Email: kushnerbobby@gmail.com

.. Phone: 905.592.2468


Courtesy of Bobby Kushner

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