June 17, 2018

Blog Post: Affordable Shelter Units for the Homeless and Refugees

By Bobby Kushner / June 17, 2018

GUELPH, ONT. -- Two companies manufacture affordable shelter units for the homeless and refugees.

1. InterShelter Inc sells a basic-model Intershelter unit for $7,500

Don Kubley, the founder of InterShelter, began retailing the geodesic dome in efforts to provide housing for homeless-military veterans.

Kubley bought the rights to the dome’s design from Craig Chamberlain, an architect who recreated the shelter from an invention by Buckminister Fuller.

The basic-model InterShelter unit spans 154-square-feet and stands nine-feet.

The 21-piece unit takes two hours to assemble. Each piece weighs 53 pounds and fits into the back of most pickup trucks.

The pieces are made of aerospace plastic, which lasts 30 years, never discolors and withstands temperatures of -70 and +120.

The unit allows for the addition of extra living spaces when combined with other units.

Click here to learn more about the InterShelter unit:

Photos taken from www.intershelter.com
Photos taken from www.intershelter.com

2. Reaction Inc sells the basic-model Exo unit for $5,000

Michael McDaniel, the founder of Reaction Inc, designed the Exo unit after observing the government’s inadequate housing plans for the displaced people in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

The basic-model Exo unit spans 72-square-feet and stands nine-feet. 

The two-piece unit takes five minutes to assemble. Each piece is made of fire-resistant plastic, which lasts 10 years.

All basic-model Exo units come with these features:

- fold out beds, desks and shelves 

- electrical outlets

- circuit breakers

- interior lights

- recessed fans for heating, cooling and ventilation

- a digital door lock 

- and a smoke alarm

Click here to learn more about the Exo unit:

Photos taken from www.reactioninc.com 
Photos taken from www.reactioninc.com

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