July 20, 2019

FLAT By Bobby Kushner - COMING SOON


Canadians realize good things don’t always happen to the good or bad things to the bad when a disadvantage man reinvents Canadian society and runs for the office of Prime Minister of Canada.

Writer:  Bobby Kushner


- I insist all Canadians be allowed to sharpen their fighting edge and work themselves to show all that lies in them unassisted by privilege or generosity.

The persistent ones – seeking to overcome difficulty and make use of their opportunities – I expect to thrive and achieve . . .  and the idle-opportunists – looking to avoid difficulty and make no use of their opportunities . . . 

- Exception means you can’t expect it to happen all the time. Exceptional people are the exception because they don’t happen all the time, and Meter existed as the exception.

- Safe with a wavering moral compass or unsafe with an unwavering one.

- Darning great things requires great risks, even unpleasant death.

January 20, 2019

Read This Definite Guide to Resolving Emotional Issues

By Bobby Kushner / January 20, 2019

GUELPH, ONT. – Therapists suggest counseling to those failing to resolve emotional issues. However, a Canadian writer suggests overcoming these issues yourself and using his handbook “Behavioural Therapy” to do it.

“Behavioural Therapy” provides tangible skills for resolving problem behaviours and stressful life events.

The handbook is based on dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), a behavioral therapy developed by Marsha Linehan in the 1980s.

Canadian public relations and screen writer, Bobby Kushner wrote the handbook to focus more on the practice of DBT skills through mental visualizations.

For example, the book instructs readers to mentally visualize themselves using the learned DBT skills in specific-problem situations then urges them to rehearse daily those visualizations until the visualized reactions in those visualizations become instinctive responses to those problem situations.

“I wanted to stress this point throughout the handbook,” Kushner says. “because DBT skills will be nonexistent during crisis if readers attempt using them when only in crisis.”

Kushner also created the 58-page handbook to be a free therapy alternative to the many counseling programs and DBT guides failing to meet expectations.

Most counseling sessions lack meaningful results, Kushner says. “Most result in open ended discussions about one’s life not in tangible solutions to issues.”

Also the majority of DBT guides are misleading interpretations of the original manual by Marsha Linehan, Kushner says. “Take deep breaths. Count to 10 before reacting. Keep yourself busy when down. These cliches are often suggested by counseling programs and DBT guides as primary solutions to problems. What a disservice to those in crisis!”

Currently, the ebook version of “Behavioural Therapy” is available free of cost on Bobby Kushner’s website www.bobbykushner.com.

Bobby Kushner is a public relations and screenplay writer. For four years, he has studied multiple manuals on clinical psychology and human relations.

Kushner has written another handbook called “Technical Writing.”

He also is an advocate for secondary and post-secondary curricula being self contained.

“Secondary and higher education programs need to be complete in themselves for acquiring skills,” Kushner said. “not just a means for learning skills elsewhere.”

The Canadian writer currently lives in Guelph, Ontario.

For more information about “Behavioural Therapy,” contact Bobby Kushner here:

- Email: kushnerbobby@gmail.com

- Phone: 905.592.2468


Bobby Kushner's Behavioural Therapy
Courtesy of Bobby Kushner

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A Canadian Writer Offers a Free English Writing Manual to Those in Need

By Bobby Kushner / January 20, 2019

GUELPH, ONT. – Students and adult learners won’t need to depend on convoluted writing manuals to learn English composition and grammar concepts. The handbook “Technical Writing” better explains how those concepts work.

“Technical Writing” simplifies the concepts of English composition and grammar.

Explanations are self-contained, so guidance from teachers and other manuals aren't required to understand the content.

Also readers won't be confused for how writing concepts fit together because the handbook presents composition concepts first and grammar ones last.

Canadian public relations and screen writer, Bobby Kushner wrote the handbook after observing most traditional writing manuals were inappropriate for learning English grammar and composition.

“The majority of writing manuals are inadequate for learning these concepts,” Kushner says. “because most times, they’re actually style guides for usage not instructional manuals for learning those concepts.

“However, many educators recommend these styles guides to students as revered manuals for learning English writing when these guides aren’t for this purpose.”

Currently, the ebook version of “Technical Writing” is available free of cost on Bobby Kushner’s website www.bobbykushner.com

Kushner says, “I wanted this information to be free to those struggling to write clearly and concisely.”

Bobby Kushner is a public relations and screenplay writer. For six years, he has studied multiple manuals on technical writing, journalism and literature.

Kushner has written another handbook called “Behavioural Therapy.”

He also is an advocate for secondary and post-secondary curricula being self contained.

“Secondary and higher education programs need to be complete in themselves for acquiring skills,” Kushner said. “not just a means for learning skills elsewhere.”

The Canadian writer currently lives in Guelph, Ontario.

For more information about the handbook, contact Bobby Kushner

- Email: kushnerbobby@gmail.com

- Phone: 905.592.2468


Bobby Kushner's Technical Writing Book
Courtesy of Bobby Kushner

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June 17, 2018

Blog Post: Affordable Shelter Units for the Homeless and Refugees

By Bobby Kushner / June 17, 2018

GUELPH, ONT. -- Two companies manufacture affordable shelter units for the homeless and refugees.

1. InterShelter Inc sells a basic-model Intershelter unit for $7,500

Don Kubley, the founder of InterShelter, began retailing the geodesic dome in efforts to provide housing for homeless-military veterans.

Kubley bought the rights to the dome’s design from Craig Chamberlain, an architect who recreated the shelter from an invention by Buckminister Fuller.

The basic-model InterShelter unit spans 154-square-feet and stands nine-feet.

The 21-piece unit takes two hours to assemble. Each piece weighs 53 pounds and fits into the back of most pickup trucks.

The pieces are made of aerospace plastic, which lasts 30 years, never discolors and withstands temperatures of -70 and +120.

The unit allows for the addition of extra living spaces when combined with other units.

Click here to learn more about the InterShelter unit:

Photos taken from www.intershelter.com
Photos taken from www.intershelter.com

2. Reaction Inc sells the basic-model Exo unit for $5,000

Michael McDaniel, the founder of Reaction Inc, designed the Exo unit after observing the government’s inadequate housing plans for the displaced people in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

The basic-model Exo unit spans 72-square-feet and stands nine-feet. 

The two-piece unit takes five minutes to assemble. Each piece is made of fire-resistant plastic, which lasts 10 years.

All basic-model Exo units come with these features:

- fold out beds, desks and shelves 

- electrical outlets

- circuit breakers

- interior lights

- recessed fans for heating, cooling and ventilation

- a digital door lock 

- and a smoke alarm

Click here to learn more about the Exo unit:

Photos taken from www.reactioninc.com 
Photos taken from www.reactioninc.com

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February 07, 2017

Blog Post: Chen Si Thwarts Over 300 Suicide Attempts

By Bobby Kushner / December 3, 2016

GUELPH, ONT. – Chen Si has stopped more than 300 individuals from throwing themselves over the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, a widely known suicide site in China.

Since 2004, Si devotes his weekends to patrolling the bridge ready to help anyone in distress.

According to a story by Louisa Lim, Si offers those whom he has saved a place to stay in his two bedroom apartment.

"When I save people, I don’t want to just cheat them into living another day,” Si told Lim.

Louisa Lim’s NPR feature story “Samaritan Patrols Bridge for China’s Lost Souls” tells more about Chen Si’s efforts in helping those in distress.

Read Lim’s NPR feature story about Chen Si by clicking the link below

Photo taken from www.npr.org

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November 25, 2016

High-risk Behaviors Linked to Attention Deficit Disorder

By Bobby Kushner / November 25, 2016

GUELPH, ONT. – Feeling overwhelmed by ever-growing responsibilities at home, sudden changes at work and lack of sleep – Thomas Jones destroyed everything in his home.

When police arrived at his residence, he looked at his wife.

“I want the police to kill me,” Jones said before grabbing a replica gun, charging out the door and pointing it at police.

Thomas Jones, 41, was arrested then taken to a psychiatric hospital in Guelph.

“When overwhelmed, I have sometimes reacted this way since a 12-year-old boy,” Jones says.

A growing number of people, admitted to psychiatric hospitals for high-risk behaviors, are being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) instead of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

“When someone’s not hearing voices, doesn’t have racing thoughts and isn’t awake for days – a more logical explanation for these behaviors is ADD,” Dr. Shuang Xu says, a psychiatrist at Homewood Health Centre. “especially if these individuals struggled with impulsive behaviors since childhood.”

According to information from the Canadian Mental Health Association, impulsive behaviors begin in childhood for ADD patients. But for schizophrenic and bipolar disorder patients, they begin in adulthood.

Dr. Xu explained, ADD is often difficult to diagnose in adults because most patients aren’t forthcoming about their struggle with impulsive behaviors during childhood.

“This is frequently why many adults with ADD are misdiagnosed as being bipolar or schizophrenic,” Dr. Xu says.

“Uncontrolled anger, mood shifts and other impulsive behaviors are also key traits in biopolar disorder and schizophrenia, not just ADD.”

Jones is learning to cope with his disorder by attending dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) programs at Homewood Health Centre.

He is also prescribed Concerta, a stimulant used for treating ADD.

“An uncle of mine told me. I’ll live a hard life,” Jones says. “if I continue destroying the things I’ve worked very hard to get when overwhelmed.”

Two therapy options for ADD individuals wanting to better manage stressful life events

Five medication options for ADD individuals lacking norepinephrine in the body

Nonstimulant Form

Stimulant Form

Photo from www.davidwolfe.com

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